Main Street Speed Check

July 7, 2010

Following concerns from local residents with regards to speeding on Main Street, we arranged for council officers to carry out a speed survey. Conducted on 25th May, 100 readings were recorded. The average speed from these readings was 22.6mph with the highest speed recorded on one occasion at 32mph and the next highest speed being 30mph.

Local campaigner Mike Whitehead comments: “From the speed check carried out on Main Street, it would appear that just 1 in 100 vehicles was travelling over the 30mph speed limit. Having discussed this further with the concerned residents who contacted us, we are now in discussions with the council to see if the access out of John Gray Court can be improved, as it is this difficult access point which led to the perception of speeding. Parked cars on one side of Main Street also tend to hinder the view of those pulling out.”

Click on the image to enlarge the full speed survey.


Action on Speeding Vehicles: Volunteers Required

July 7, 2010

As we reported in the spring edition of ‘In Touch,’ the local Police Team have acquired a speed detection device, allowing them to monitor the speed of vehicles around the Willerby area. The police are inviting members of the public to notify them of roads where it is believed speeding occurs, and asking for volunteers to carry out the checks with them.

Local resident and campaigner Mike Whitehead has volunteered to check speeds in Riplingham Road, Kirk Ella and urges residents to contact their councillors if they wish to get involved. He adds: “There are roads in our area where speeding is a problem and does have an impact on the lives of local residents. It is however, important to stress that the speed detector is about making motorists aware of their speed and how it can impact on residents and is not used to issue tickets or fines.”

If there is a stretch of road that gives you concern, please contact your Councillors who will discuss the issue with the Neighbourhood Police Team.

Planning Application

May 20, 2010

A planning application has been submitted to East Riding of Yorkshire Council with the following description:


Installation of a 17.5m high duel user monopole with associated equipment cabinets at land within grass verge south west of 49 Beverley Road, Willerby.


Telefonica O2 UK.

Plans can be inspected at:

Anlaby Customer Service Centre, 17 Hull Road, Anlaby,

or by making an appointment at the Beverley Planning Division, County Hall, Cross Street, Beverley. Alternatively, you can visit

Letters of support, objection or comment should be sent to:

Mr. Kevin Guy

East Riding of Yorkshire Council,

County Hall,


HU17 9BA

quoting the above reference number, by 9th June 2010.

Welcome to Willerby Conservatives’ Brand New Blog

May 17, 2010

What an incredible time to start a new blog here locally in Willerby, when nationally we have just witnessed, in the last few days, the formation of  the new Conservative/Liberal Government under the leadership of Prime Minister David Cameron!

How good does that sound ‘Prime Minister David Cameron’

Harold Wilson once said ‘a week is a long time in politics’; well he never said a truer statement in all his life!

This time last week, we were all waiting and watching, never in a million years believing that we were at the dawn of a new Political age, with all of the fascinating twists and turns that were to happen in Downing Street and the Cabinet Office!

Over the coming weeks, as the new Minsters settle in to their Departments we will start to see the size of the task the Country has ahead.

We wish all of them ‘the best of British’ because they are going to need it!!

Read Prime Minister David Cameron’s first speech at

Anyway enough of National Politics for now; more about this new initiative in Willerby.

This blog will ‘as it says on the tin’ be produced by Willerby Conservatives for to inform the good people of Willerby about what The Party is doing locally for the village and more importanly, give the opportunity to the villagers to comment and generally air their views on what they see as the local issues that matter to them!

We definately want good positive feedback, good ideas and suggestions, plus give the  chance to converse directly with your local Conservative Councillors.

As many Villagers will know, the recent by-election for the Willerby & Kirkella ward did not include a Conservative candidate. This Council  administrative error was very unfortunate and many electors have expressed their regret that this was the case. There were a record(probably?) 600 spoilt ballot papers which showed the level of local discontent!!!

The election was therefore a two horse run off between the Liberals and the Labour Party. We congratulate Councillor Fred Smith on his victory and wish him well on his return to the Council again.

We hope he doesn’t get too comfortable as the full local elections will be held in 12 months time!

The Conservatives existing 2 Councillors for the Ward will continue to represent Willerby & Kirkella and are, of course, members of the ruling Conservative East Riding Council administration. See

We will ensure that the needs of the local community continue to be well served by your elected representatives.

Soon we will invite comments/questions/suggestions on this blog and look forward to developing this exciting communication vehicle in what is politically one of the most exciting and demanding times at both National and Local levels!